Success in Ministry

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Growing up as a Pastor’s kid, I wanted nothing more than to work in the church. To selflessly serve in the house of God no matter the cost. Then the worst possible thing happened… I got the job of a lifetime. What I thought was the greatest moment of my life actually sent me into a downward spiral of a self absorbed season of entitlement, leading me to an insecurity laden Hell. Too strong? I think not. I found myself complaining about and being angry towards others’ success and began to pick their ministries apart. That was a consistent mode of thinking for me until a mentor of mine said, “rising tides raise all ships”. Those five words floored me! In that moment I was confronted with the insanity of my insecurity. I was sinking my boat which was anchored in insecurity and self absorption while tides of Jesus’ church were rising around me. Everything had to change. I had to die to myself and realize that the success of another’s ministry also meant success in my ministry. Coming to that realization led me to see this truth. You will never be more secure in your ministry than when you can truly celebrate the success of others. So let’s be the Church.

1. Be a Tide Raiser

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the only place to go from here is up”? That should be what people say about any person, ministry, or idea that comes in front of our face. Something I’ve been telling my team lately is to always encourage others. I’d rather have people question our authenticity than to have to fish for encouragement. Let’s be people that lift other people & their ministries up. Any kingdom success is shared.

2. Die

Determine to make every day NOT about you. This is one of the hardest things for me to do! Why? Because I think I’m really awesome at times! Nothing, however humbles me more than remembering the sacrifices of those who have gone before me. Something our Executive Pastor says is “you may be standing in 3rd base and get to cross home plate, but you didn’t get yourself to 3rd base”. In other words there are some people who have put in blood, sweat, tears, and their lives so you could stand on their shoulders and do what you get to do. I will never diminish the talents of myself or other people, but I willmake much more of the sacrifice of those who have given me an opportunity to use my talents. I want to determine to die to my own platform and strive to break through personal ceilings so those coming after me have a higher floor to stand on.

3. Let Go

Your ministry is not your ministry, it’s God’s. You’re just a steward. The more I do what I get to do I see it less as an exciting opportunity, and more as a sacred responsibility. Let us never forget that as Christians we are not dealing with merely physical outcomes, but eternal. So don’t hold so tightly to what you have. Steward it well so the next person can pick it up and run farther than you.